Sarah Walker is a Melbourne-based artist working with video, sound and installation, with a particular focus on text and language.

Her work explores catastrophe, disaster and existential dread. She has a particular interest in the inadequacy of contemporary approaches to death, dying and mourning, and in the ways that humans seek meaning in the spiritual and supernatural. She uses humour and speculative fiction as methods to disarm the viewer, to open surprising entry points into conversations about existential fears.

In 2019, she was a finalist in the international MTV RE:DEFINE award and the fortyfivedownstairs Emerging Artist Award. In 2016, she was the winner of the ‘Best Portrait’ prize at the CCP Salon. She has been a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize, a two-time finalist in the Maggie Diaz Photography Prize for Women and a semi-finalist in the Moran Photographic Portrait Prize. She is also an award-winning writer, theatremaker and podcast host.

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Her commercial work is online at sarahwalkerphotos.com.

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